It is important that you (as parent or carer) are confident in our care of your child.

Each organisation follows safeguarding guidelines when delivering any programme.

Each organisation follows safer recruitment guidelines when employing staff or volunteers.

If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding, please contact the Safeguarding Officer at the respective organisation.

Registration and Consent


Each child and young person who participates in any of the YClapham programmes will need to complete a Registration Form. Each organisation has a bespoke registration form.

When your child/young person attends for the first time, a member of the team will provide you or your child with a Registration Form and any additional information needed.

Each registration form will provide the essential information we need such as contact details, medical information, giving first aid (if necessary) and specific needs. Each registration form is treated in the up most confidence and the information is only shared with professionals such as paramedics and police. 



We like to think that each child or young person has a great time when attending one of the YClapham organisations.


If you have any concerns or complaints, please contact: 


Oasis Play: Joanne Brown                             T:  020 76228756      E:

Sports City: Benji Ackim                                T:  020 36000508      E:

The Connect: Jasmine Ennis:                       T: 07933 525 166      E:

Knights Youth Centre: Ryan Bish                 T: 020 86744055       E:

Clapham Park Project: Angus Johnson      T:  020 86785900      E:




Tel: 0203 600 0095     Email: 

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